8 Hacks For The Breastfeeding Working Mom

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You managed to successfully initiate breastfeeding and have kept at it through all the challenges during the maternity leave, but as the mat leave comes to an end, you are wondering how to continue breastfeeding while also going to work. 

Being a working mom is challenging, but adding breastfeeding to the mix takes it to a whole new level. Whether it’s scheduling pumping breaks or choosing the right pump, the hurdles can be many. We spoke to other mums who have been there, done that. Here are the top hacks that helped them.

Hack 1: Get Organized

Organization is key for a breastfeeding working mom. Being organized can ease stress and pumping regularly will keep your milk supply steady. Create a clear schedule for your pumping sessions and prepare in advance. Discover useful apps and tools that can help you keep track of your pumping schedule, baby’s feeding times, and other essential tasks, making life as a working mom easier.

Hack 2: Employer Communication

Do not underestimate the importance of open communication with your employer. Open and supportive communication with your employer is vital for a stress-free breastfeeding experience at work. Learn how to approach this conversation and understand your rights as a breastfeeding working mom. Discuss your needs with your manager and seek support. Ask your HR what facilities and support are available for moms that need to pump milk.

Hack 3: Find a Spot to Pump

Finding a private space to pump at work is vital. Ask if your company has a pumping room set aside. If there is one, check it out and understand the process for using it. Do you need to book it? Does it have a fridge to store milk and a sink to wash pump parts? If there is no pumping room, check if you can book a meeting room so that you can pump in private.

Hack 4: Block the calendar and set reminders

Consider blocking time in your work calendar for pumping. This will ensure no conflicting meetings are scheduled into your calendar at that time. Set a timer or a reminder. Maintaining a regular pumping schedule is crucial for your milk supply. Setting timers on your phone can help you remember when it’s time to pump, ensuring consistency and making the process easier.

Hack 5: Invest in a good pump

When it comes to choosing the best breast pump for pumping breastmilk at work, there are several options to consider, each catering to different needs and preferences. An electric double breast pump is a top choice for many working moms. It allows simultaneous pumping from both breasts, which can save time and stimulate milk production effectively. These pumps typically have adjustable suction levels and cycle speeds to mimic a baby’s natural nursing pattern. The Wearable breast pumps, also known as hands-free or cordless pumps, are also quite popular. They are discreet and allow moms to pump while performing other tasks. They are usually compact, fit inside a bra, and are virtually silent, making them an excellent choice for pumping at work without drawing too much attention. There are also smart pumps that come with apps to help you track and record sessions, volume of milk etc.

Hack 6: Stock up on the right pumping accessories

Choosing the right clothing and accessories is essential for a successful breastfeeding journey, especially for working moms.

  • Wear pumping friendly outfits that allow easy access points for pumping. Choose fabrics that are stretchy and crumple free.
  • Pumping bras, specifically designed to hold breast pump flanges in place, allow you to pump hands-free.
  • Include a scarf or cover if you need added privacy.

Other accessories to consider are:

  • Breast Pads: Essential for absorbing leaks, they come in disposable or washable options.
  • Nipple Cream: Helps with dry or cracked nipples.
  • Pumping Accessories: extra pump parts, cleaning supplies
  • Cooler bag for milk storage: Proper storage of breast milk ensures that it stays fresh and nutritious. Invest in quality milk storage bags or containers that are BPA-free. Label them with dates to ensure that you’re using the oldest milk first.

Investing in the right attire and accessories can make your pumping experience less stressful, more efficient and more comfortable.

Hack 7: Bring a "Pumping Bag" to Work

A dedicated “Pumping bag” with all your essentials can be a lifesaver. Arm yourself with a good bag – the most important feature to look for is multiple storage compartments for essential tools as well as cooler bags. Ensure it has all the items you would need to pump and store the milk at work. Some of the specific items include:

  • pumping supplies including pump and storage containers
  • cooler bags with ice packs
  • breast pump cleaning wipes
  • hand sanitizer
  • breast pads
  • hands free pumping bra
  • power bank or adaptor
  • spare parts and valves
  • water and breastfeeding snacks

Hack 8: Self-Care and Support

Prioritizing self-care is vital for your overall well-being. Ensure you take active steps to reduce stress and find moments of relaxation amidst your busy schedule.

  • Stress can impact your breastmilk supply. Practice simple relaxation breathing through the day when you feel stressed.
  • Balancing work, breastfeeding, and sleep can be challenging. Explore effective strategies to manage fatigue and ensure you get enough rest and sleep.
  • Breastfeeding requires extra nutrition. Pack healthy, nutrient-rich snacks to fuel your body and support milk production. Think whole grains, fruits, nuts, and plenty of water to stay hydrated and energized throughout the day.
  • Addressing common lactation challenges is essential for a smooth journey. Learn how to tackle issues like engorgement, latch problems, and low milk supply. Reach out for professional help from a lactation counselor if need be. 
  • Build a support network, join a breastfeeding support group or an online community for working moms. 


Breastfeeding while working might seem daunting, but with these eight hacks, you’re well on your way to a more manageable experience. As a working mom, guilt can be a constant companion. Learn how to embrace your choices and let go of unnecessary guilt. Acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishments as a working mom. Reflect on your progress and remember that you are doing an amazing job! Keep going, mama; you’ve got this!

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Most working moms exclusively breastfeed for around 6 months, then gradually introduce other foods while continuing to breastfeed. This could extend for 2 years or longer, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Working mothers often face breastfeeding challenges like insufficient milk production, discomfort or pain while breastfeeding, and physical issues like inverted nipples.

To maintain breastfeeding while working, stimulate your baby’s feeding schedule with pumping sessions at work. Develop a plan for when and where you’ll pump to keep up your milk supply.

Babies may seem hungry after feeding if they weren’t properly latched during breastfeeding, leading to an incomplete feed. If breastfeeding is painful or your nipples appear squashed, seek professional help.

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