Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

This here not helpful? Contact us with your question.

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Faq - About Veira

About Veira Life

Veira, who?

Veira /veyra/ brave, courageous, wise, victory-bringer


Veira is every woman. Veira Life was set up with the purpose of helping women live their best lives.


What is Veira Life?

Veira Life is an integrated platform that focuses on women’s health, wellness, and careers.


Veira Life serves as a motherhood guide – offering prenatal education for pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, postnatal and baby-care advice, and back-to-work transition.

What support and services does the Veira Life platform provide?
  • Online Prenatal Classes
  • Personalised 1-on-1 support from doulas/midwives and maternity coach
  • Events, both online and face-to-face, including community meetups
  • Teleconsultations with health, wellness, and career experts
How does Veira Life work, does it need an app download?

Nope! Veira Life is a cutting-edge website with all the functionality and feel of an app. It is personalised to provide you information that is relevant to you.

Pick up your device of choice (Phone, iPad, Tablet, Laptop), login, and voila! A world of support, advice, and information is available for you to choose from.

Veira Coach

Who is a Veira Coach?

Veira Coaches are qualified and experienced professionals who work 1-on-1 with you and provide emotional support during pregnancy, postpartum support, baby care advice, and transition back to work support.

What does a Veira Coach Do?

Your Veira Coach will help clarify doubts,respond to all your questions, predict and preempt some of your motherhood challenges, and support you to plan and prepare for a healthy pregnancy, childbirth and provide baby care advice.

Why do I need a Veira Coach?

Most women talk about feeling overwhelmed, ill-prepared, or inadequately supported during their pregnancy or postnatal phase. Crowdsourcing information and answers from the internet or friends & family can result in a range of outdated, contradictory, or confusing responses and add to the stress.


Having a qualified and experienced maternity coach and other professionals by your side, available on-demand who provide pregnancy support, postpartum care and maternity counseling, will have you feeling supported and set up to enjoy this phase of your life.


Your Veira Coach will take the time to know you, your unique context and needs. Your interactions with your Veira Coach will be largely 1-on-1 and the focus will always be on you. Hence the support you will receive will be reliable and uniquely relevant.

How do I connect with my Veira Coach?

Your Veira Coach is accessible via video calls and Q&A chats.


When you book your first Info Call or sign up for your first prenatal class you will be assigned your own Veira Coach.


You can book a video-based Info Call at any point in time. If you have bought any of the prenatal learning modules, you will have coaching and Q&A calls built into the module and you will also be able to contact your coach via chat.

What is an info call?

Info call is a short form of “Information call”. Use the Info Call (30, 45, or 60-minute options available) to seek 1-on-1 support from our Veira Coaches on Maternity (pregnancy, postpartum, childbirth, lactation, babycare) OR Returnity (maternity leave planning and back-to-work transition).


Pose all your questions on pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum or practice breathing, massage, and other labour pain management techniques; seek help in filling in your Birth Plan or get breastfeeding and babycare advice. The Info Call can be customised to meet your needs.


Note: Info Calls do not provide medical advice.

Veira Coach
Prenatal Classes

Prenatal Classes

What topics do the prenatal classes cover?

The online prenatal classes cover Pregnancy,Childbirth, Postnatal Recovery, Breastfeeding and Babycare advice.

Additional prenatal classes include Maternity leave planning, transition back to work and a guide for spouses on how they can support the pregnant spouse throughout pregnancy, birthing, and after. (Coming soon)

We are constantly adding new topics as per feedback from our early users.

When I sign up for a prenatal class, what will I have access to?

Every prenatal education class/module comes with:

1) High quality research-led, curated information for each phase of your early motherhood journey

2) Engaging Multimedia Content designed by medical, perinatal experts and prenatal educators.

3) Videos and audios as step-by-step guides for prenatal and postnatal yoga, labour support etc..,available for future reference

4) Downloadable and interactive resources – booklets, planning templates, journals, checklists, shopping lists and many more

Note: If you are accessing Veira Life as part of your corporate benefit, you might have free or discounted access to some or all of the online prenatal classes. Check the welcome email you received on registration under the corporate benefits programme. Alternatively click on the Corporate Benefits page in the top menu when you log in.

How are the Veira Life prenatal classes different?

Traditional prenatal education is offered face-to-face and requires one to travel to the venue and sit in for many hours of lecture-style classes over a few days or weeks. (Let’s be real…they’re often incredibly boring). With COVID, a lot of these classes have moved to online delivery, which is often recorded or live video of the same lecture-style classes.

Our prenatal classes are:

  • available at your convenience (on-demand on any device)
  • based on content from expert sources, further vetted by doctors, doula/midwife and childbirth educator. A conscious effort has been made to keep the content unbiased and cover all options available to you at each step.
  • designed in partnership with educational experts to cater to diverse learning preferences (aka make them interesting!).


What are the different types of experts that I can connect with on Veira Life?

Veira Life has a wide range of experts. There are allied health specialists, wellness gurus, fitness experts, life and career coaches, consultants, counsellors offering postpartum and maternity counseling. You can book slots on-demand with psychologists, nutritionists, personal trainers, prenatal and postnatal yoga practitioners, midwives, doulas, lactation consultants, breastfeeding counsellors, sleep coaches, and more. We are constantly adding more categories and experts to our platform.

Feel free to reach out if there are experts or categories you’d like to see on Veira Life. We are all about getting you the support you need!

If I have my own OB-GYN and Pediatrician, how do Veira Life experts add value to me?

Veira Life experts complement your care team, providing additional timely support. The experts you access on Veira Life are not a replacement for your OB-GYN or your care team, but they will provide advice, a second opinion, and services you may not currently receive.

What are the different types of consultations with experts available on the Veira Life platform?

Our experts provide different types of consultation based on their specialty and the needs of our community. Some examples of consultations available are:

  • 10 to 20-minute consultations with the medical experts
  • 1 hour personal training sessions with a personal trainer
  • 1 to 1.5-hour yoga sessions with a prenatal/postnatal yoga expert
  • 45 minute consultation with a prenatal nutritionist or a pregnancy coach.
  • 90 minute first session and 60 minutes follow up sessions with a career coach

Some of the experts offer free chemistry calls, to understand your context and needs, and to allow you to ascertain whether the expert can provide you the support you need.

How do I book a teleconsultation?

Step 1: Register on the Veira Life platform.

Step 2:Log in, browse and choose the expert you would like to consult with. Book an available slot, pay for the slot.

Step 3:Log in at the designated date and time, Go to your “Appointments” page and click on ‘Join call’. You are in!

Also note:

  • When booking with medical experts, double-check your profile to ensure your name, NRIC/ID, emergency contact, address and phone number are correct. For non-medical experts, we only need a phone number.
  • IIf you are experiencing difficulty connecting on the web, try using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers for the best experience.
  • If you are accessing Veira Life as part of a corporate benefit, you might have free or discounted access to some of the experts. See the welcome email you received when you first registered under the corporate benefits programme or click on the Corporate Benefits page in the top menu when you log in.
How are Veira Life experts screened?

Don’t worry, we’re picky! All the experts on Veira Life undergo a thorough vetting process and interview with the Veira Life team. All the experts on Veira Life platform are licensed under their respective regulatory councils in the country they are operating in.

Veiralife Events


What are the different types of events that Veira Life runs?

Veira Life runs online and face-to-face events.These events are designed to support new mums and families. They include workshops, expert panels, meetups with other new mums and families, Structured webinars on a variety of topics which will be lead by experts such as lactation consultants, nutritionists etc, The topics would range from breastfeeding issues to problems in pregnancy to baby care advice.Our goal is to help new mums and families gather insights and advice and get guidance through the challenges of their motherhood/parenting journey.

How will Veira Life help to create a community of mothers/parents?

By hosting events for Veira mums and families, we aim to create a community of mothers and families who are in the same stage/phase of their lives. These communities will provide a safe space for our users to share their experiences and knowledge, seek advice, and support each other. These communities could be a community of breastfeeding mums, mums of twins etc.

Do I need to subscribe or get some sort of membership to be able to attend these events?

Nope. Just log in and browse through the upcoming events. Register for the event you want to attend. Some events are paid and others are free.

If you are accessing Veira Life as part of a corporate benefit, you might have free access to some or all of the events. Check the welcome email you received on registration under the corporate benefits programme. Alternatively click on the Corporate Benefits page in the top menu when you log in.

Free Trial

What comprises the Veira Life Free Trial?

The Veira Life Trial is a short term early access programme limited to a few users. We will be progressively adding modules and services to the platform throughout this phase.

Our early users will have access to

  • a free module which is our “ Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy” which will offer insight into the beginning of your motherhood/parenthood journey.
  • a free 30 mins call with their Veira Coach who will be either a Doula/midwife or a prenatal educator.
  • other modules offered on substantial early bird discounts, and some of the platform services as they are added.

    We will also be introducing other promos progressively throughout the phase. The feedback from this phase will enable us to refine/improve our services and offering.
Who can join the Veira Life Free Trial?

If you are just setting out on your parenthood journey (are pregnant) or are a new parent or contemplating a return to work after maternity leave, Veira may be the perfect fit for you and the free trial is a great way to experience what’s on offer.

How can I join the Veira Life Free Trial?

Click on any of the “ Start your Free Trial” buttons on the website and you are on your way.

Veira Life Free Trial


What consultants does Veira Life partner with?
We feature a range of experts providing pregnancy and postpartum support services to pregnant/postnatal women and couples:
  • Medical professionals,
  • Psychotherapists and relationship counsellors,
  • Health & wellness consultants (e.g. nutritionists, mindfulness coaches, prenatal and postnatal yoga experts/pilates/fitness coaches)
  • Parenting and babycare coaches including lactation consultants and sleep consultants,
  • Life and career coaches.
Why should I partner with Veira Life as a consultant?
All our research tells us that the current support system for mothers and families is inadequate. Women need better, more targeted support. Harnessing technology and blending it with human connection is the best way to accomplish this. We are building the future and setting the standard. Join in and be part of the change. By working with us, you get to reach a bigger audience of individuals and families. We run direct to customer campaigns on multiple channels and also work with business and HR leaders to secure corporate partnerships. Our integrated platform has broad and compelling appeal.Partner with us to widen your reach. Use our safe, compliant and integrated platform for a seamless consultation with your clients anywhere and at any time. Leave the ops to us – let us take care of the tech support, billing and the admin work. Focus on what you do best – improving lives!
I’m interested and would like to know more?
Email us or get in touch with us through our Contact page and our team will reach out to you.


What’s Veira Life’s offer for employers?

We provide both flexipot inclusions and benefits packages for employers. Our pregnancy support services will be an asset for any employee benefit programs. The Veira Life platform allows for extensive customisation. Our team can help advise and customise the Veira Life package to each employer’s budget and requirement.

Email us or get in touch with us through our Contact page and our team will reach out to you for a free demo.


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