Your Pregnancy Week by Week: Weeks 41 & 42

Baby Week 41 & 42 development

Baby Development

The week 41 & 42 edition:

Less than 5% of babies are delivered on their due date, most go past it or be born before. As long as your baby is moving as usual and the heart rate when checked by your care provider is in a good range, keep calm and carry on. Your baby will definitely need a manicure once it gets out!


Here is a list of everything you need to know about your to be baby:

  • They will most likely need a trimming of their toenails and fingernails after birth.
  • The nonstress test that is done now everytime you visit your care provider helps keep tabs on the baby’s heartbeats. It grows faster and louder everytime the baby moves. A healthy baby responds to their environment.


Track your growth at week 41 & 42:

Know that you are not alone. There are many more mothers waiting to go into labour. This may be the time you could try some natural ways to kick-start labour. Miles circuit exercises are a tool you can consider using. You can spend time on your hands and knees. Well, you cannot stay pregnant forever. Imagine meeting your baby and cuddling them. That day is not far off. Keep up your spirits by continuing with your birth project. Watch funny movies. Binge watch Netflix. Order in your favourite foods. Think of this like a waiting party, waiting for labour and waiting to meet your baby. Take that bubble bath. If you have access to a pregnancy massage therapist, now is the time. Hang in there momma.

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