Your Pregnancy Week by Week: Week 40

Baby Week 40 development

Baby Development

The week 40 edition:

If your baby has not arrived, know that its normal! 60% of pregnancies go past the 40th week. Your baby is practising breathing movements and getting stronger. The babies lungs release more surfactant, which is known to kick-start labour. The baby should be the size of a watermelon by now, weighing ~3.5 kg and ~51.4 cm long.


Here is list of everything you need to know about your newborn:

  • Talk to your baby. It is a really good way to bond. Play your favourite songs and sway along, it helps the baby jiggle into the right position for birth.
  • The baby’s vision is still a little blurry and will continue to be blurry for a few months after birth.
  • Vernix is still coating your baby’s skin protecting it from the amniotic fluid.


Track your growth at week 40:

You may be having increased sensations and feeling done with being pregnant. Try to get as much rest as possible before your baby arrives as that’s when there will be a lot of work. This is a time to do a birth project- any hobby or project- artwork, nature walks, grounding to keep your mind occupied and frustrations at bay. Know that due dates are only an estimation and your baby decides their birthday!

Here is a list of all the changes you may undergo this week:

  • Your cervix may be changing with any and all uterine activity that you are having. 
  • Know that you are getting a period of rest before the postpartum and newborn care phase of your life starts.
  • You will continue to feel the baby’s movements, only subtler.
  • Rest during the day.
  • Go for the last few dates with your partner before your baby arrives.

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