Your Pregnancy Week by Week: Week 4

Baby Week 4 development

Baby Development

The week 4 edition:

Your baby is more of an embryo with two layers. This’ll develop into organs and body parts.Before the placenta, the organ that nourishes your baby, forms, a yolk sac will develop, it’ll be visible the upcoming week but some may see it during this week itself. This shall produce your first set of red blood cells. The amniotic sac, that’ll act as a cushion for your baby, is forming. Your little one, is little in every sense of the word, for it is as tiny as a poppy seed, about 0.1cm in size.


Here is an extensive list of everything your baby is up to this week:

  • Amniotic sac is forming.
  • So is this baby’s yolk sac, to nourish the baby till the placenta is ready.
  • Kidneys and heart are forming.
  • The baby’s liver will begin to function.
  • Blood circulation has started.
  • The neural tube, which will form the neurons and the spinal cord, has started to form
  • Your baby’s placenta is primitive.
  • Your baby’s sex is determined


Track your growth at week 4:

You may not feel pregnant but you are! This week, implantation takes place, where the fertilised egg finally meets the uterus. Some mothers may have implantation bleeding or spotting which usually feels like a light period. Some may have no bleeding or spotting, both are normal.! If you feel like you are PMSing right about now, it is because of the process of implantation! Take your vitamin D religiously or if you aren’t yet, get your levels tested! Avoid passive smoking. Book a prenatal appointment either now or around 6-8 weeks. You can also take a home pregnancy test, in the morning either this week or next.


Here is a list of symptoms you may see this week:

  • You have a missed period.
  • Exhaustion is one of the first symptoms of pregnancy.
  • Breast tenderness may be a pointer towards pregnancy also.
  • You may or may not have these symptoms!
  • Morning sickness can hit anytime during the day.

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