Your Pregnancy Week by Week: Week 38

Baby Week 38 development

Baby Development

The Week 38 edition:

Are you ready to feel your baby’s firm grasp as they will hold onto your fingers in a few weeks’ time? Their fingers and toenails may need a trim, considering they have grown long enough by now. The lungs and vocal chords are strong enough for the baby to let out a scream and solid cries. Are you ready for it, is the real question here! Your baby’s intestines have stored meconium, which is the black, tarry, first poop. It is dead red blood cells. Your baby weighs 3 kg and is 49.5 cm from crown to rump, much like a leek.


Here is a full-blown list of what your baby is up to this week:

  • Your baby is ready to cry. The lungs will support it in doing so!
  • Its fingernails and toenails are growing. 
  • Fat is still being added to the body.
  • The head still has scope to grow bigger.
  • The baby’s eyes may be blue, black, brown but they are subject to change.
  • The meconium has been forming for a while now.
  • Its grip is tight enough to hold onto your fingers! That will be such a fulfilling and endearing sight to see!


Track your growth at Week 38:

Few more weeks till delivery! There is nothing new that you may experience that you haven’t already! You may experience a bloody show or increased mucus in the vaginal discharge. If you’re having a lot more dreams, it could be the anxiety stemming from thoughts of the unknown in your labour and motherhood. It is a part of this journey in your life. All the tools that you have at your disposal to reduce anxiety now is the time to use them. Go for short walks or strolls. Have your room set up for postpartum.. Keep your care provider on speed dial for any questions that may arise.


Here is the list of changes in your body this week:

  • You will be having the craziest and most irrational dreams. Meditation and relaxation techniques can help reduce any anxiety.
  • You will find yourself running to the washroom in short intervals of time again!
  • Insomnia can happen, considering everything you are going through currently. Stay away from your device and have restful, soothing music playing to help you drift off to sleep.
  • Edema is not normal, talk to your care provider. Drink water.
  • Your nesting instinct kicks in. Make the most of it and get your house cleaned for the baby! On the other hand, remember- to balance rest with activity.

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