Your Pregnancy Week by Week: Week 37

Baby Week 37 development

Baby Development

The Week 37 edition:

Two more weeks to a “full-term” baby. Till then its brain and lungs continue to mature. The lanugo has shredded off completely. With very little scope for grand movements, your baby’s kicks are less intense but this is by no means a comment on the frequency of it all! Like a jackfruit, your baby weighs 2.8 kg and is 48.8 cm long.


Here is a full-blown list of what your baby is up to this week:

  • Your baby can grasp onto smaller things like its toes and fingers, not just the umbilical cord.
  • They are also sucking their thumb more often.
  • The baby continues to grow and move to strengthen the muscles.
  • It still moves as actively as it did before! Just that the movements are more toned down.
  • Your baby has 16% fat right now!


Track your growth at Week 37:

This is a rather uncomfortable stage, where you feel tired and inexplicably moody and clumsy. You will be okay! You are in your due window, which means that if you went into labour, the baby is strong enough to thrive outside the womb. However, do keep in mind that these last few weeks, trying as they may be, are important times for you and your baby. Your body prepares to go into labor naturally. Your baby is getting ready for birth and life outside the womb. You may feel impatient and done with being pregnant. Now is a good time to ask your partner to pack the birth bag. Now is also a good time to get into a birth project- it could be art, knitting, being out in nature, soaking in the sun. Something to lift up your spirits and keep your mind occupied as you wait to meet your baby in person. Listen to music, sing your favorite songs to your baby. You can consider doing a perineal massage. Get in touch with us at Veria Life to know how to do it correctly. It can help you feel ‘the ring of fire’ at your vagina. This is when during birth, your vaginal opening is stretched to its maximum with your baby’s head right there. It can help prepare you for what lies ahead! .. Slow weight gain is normal. Keep yourself hydrated.


Here is the list of changes in your body this week:

  • Your cervix may have started to soften and move towards the front of your body (anterior) in preparation for birth.
  • Know that you can use kick counts to tune into your baby.
  • There could be massive pressure in your pelvic region. You may feel contractions on and off.
  • You are in the home stretch now, you can go into labour anytime now or 5 weeks from now, it’s all in the range of normal!

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