Your Pregnancy Week by Week: Week 35

Baby Week 35 development

Baby Development

The Week 35 edition:

The baby’s circulatory and musculoskeletal systems are 100% complete! The lungs are rapidly approaching maturity as your baby is floating in gradually receding amniotic fluid. It is cramped up and thus the movements are more subtle than usual. By this time your baby is ready with its head towards the cervix for its journey out! It, like the size of a winter melon, weighs ~2.3 kgs and measures ~46.4 cm from head to toe.


Here is an extensive list of what your baby is up to this week:

  • The baby’s circulatory system is formed.
  • So is the musculoskeletal system.
  • The lungs are reaching their full potential.
  • Amniotic fluid is lessening.
  • With less space in the uterus, the baby is cramped up with its head turned on the cervix.
  • Your baby’s kidney and liver are also hard at work with removing the waste products.
  • The skull plates are not fused to mould during birth!


Track your growth at Week 35:

Are you aware of the various stages of labour? Have you decided on what crib and bedding you are getting for your kid or are you co-sleeping? Having a family mattress on the floor can be a good idea. Hope you have zeroed in on a doula, do it if you haven’t already. Consider these things whilst you find yourself stressing about everything else! If you can withstand this for over the course of so many months, you can do so for 5-7 more weeks. All sensations are heightened and follow you into this new week!


Here is the list of changes in your body this week:

  • You are getting clumsier by the day. Your centre of gravity is off, so balance is affected with the belly growing bigger. But know that it’s your baby gaining weight.
  • Not only this, your mind is perpetually fuzzy! You are getting very absent minded and forgetful. Your body is working really hard.
  • The skin on your tummy is stretched out and can feel dry, apply coconut oil and cocoa butter to help with the dryness. Your gums are extra sensitive, they bleed if you brush too much or too harsh. Even while flossing, proceed with caution, Oil pulling with coconut oil can help.
  • Heartburn and gassiness in your tummy are still very prevalent.
  • Constipation and/ or diarrhoea makes itself felt week after week doesn’t it?

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