Your Pregnancy Week by Week: Week 33

Baby Week 33 development

Baby Development

The Week 33 edition:

It’s yet another milestone achieved as your baby’s immune system is formed! The baby’s head is bullet shaped and flexible to get them through birth. Your baby consumes a pint of amniotic fluid everyday, it helps strengthen its gastrointestinal tract and the lungs. It can differentiate between day and night as it moves in your tummy. The baby is the size of a durian, with a height of 43.8 cm from head to toe and about 1.9 kg in weight.


Here is a full-blown list of everything your baby has been up to this week:

  • The baby’s immune system has formed.
  • The plates in the baby’s skull are pliable, and these plates can overlap and the head moulds so that the baby can make it through the vaginal canal during birth.
  • They consume as much as a pint of amniotic fluid everyday.
  • The baby is becoming increasingly active by the week.


Track your growth, at Week 33.

You cannot seem to sit without feeling restless now, can you? Your bump is only expanding, it is now 5 ¼ inches above your belly button. The pain in your wrist will wear off after birth. You may be feeling increasingly impatient and irritable, just a few more weeks of that. You got this!


  • Here is the list of changes in your body this week.
  • Heartburn may be frequent.
  • You are running out of breath very fast. This is because your lungs can’t fully expand as your belly grows.
  • Feel the baby movements, increase and get sharper.
  • Clumsiness is setting in, as your centre of gravity puts you off balance.
  • Varicose veins and round ligament pain may continue to occur.
  • Your nails are growing.
  • Frequent urine runs, leg cramps, baby kicking all add up to your insomnia. Dress comfortably and squeeze the pillows near you!

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