Your Pregnancy Week by Week: Week 30

Baby Week 30 development

Baby Development

The Week 30 edition:

The baby’s brain has started to wrinkle and the bone marrow has begun the production of red blood cells. Your baby has grown considerably and its baby hair is disappearing. The baby, with the size of a cucumber, weighs~1.4 kg and is ~40 cm from head to toe. It is gearing up to come into the real world, are you?


Here is a comprehensive list of everything your baby is up to this week:

  • Convolutions continue to be formed in the baby’s brain. Neurons are firing and your baby is making memories of their in-utero time.
  • The lanugo, or the baby hair is still disappearing. And the hair on the head is starting to grow and thicken. Some babies are born with a full head of hair.
  • The bone marrow has started making the blood cells.
  • Your baby may be able to see shapes in the dark. Their eyes dilate and constrict enough for light to get in.
  • Your baby is putting on all the baby fat! It is growing to look the cutest version of itself! Be prepared to break out into a series of aws.


Track your growth at Week 30:

You are 10 weeks away from delivery and over this span, you are bound to gain about 1 pound each week! Do not stress about the stretch marks, you’re still as beautiful! You may come across some new symptoms like the Carpal Tunnel syndrome. Switch to flats if your feet have swelling which comes and goes. This is the time when your mood swings get bigger and more frequent. You have been doing great! Take a tour of the hospital if you haven’t already. Use more pillows between your legs, to support your back and growing tummy, for a more comfortable and sounder sleep. If you get anxious about what lies ahead.

Here is a list of all the changes you may undergo this week:

  • 25% of pregnant women are prone to the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, where numbness and itchiness occur in areas near the palm. Massage the irritated region. It is because of the hormone relaxin, which helps to make bones flexible.
  • Indigestion may be an issue. You may have heartburn, drink buttermilk and chew on some chia seeds.
  • Breathlessness is much the same as the past weeks!
  • There may be swelling in your feet and toes, which comes and goes.
  • The tightness in your abdomen at random times is your uterus weight lifting in preparation for birth.
  • If you have been feeling moody lately, check your core nutrient levels, you may need more nourishment and rest.

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