Your Pregnancy Week by Week: Week 29

Baby Week 29 development

Baby Development

The Week 29 edition:

With the baby almost at their birth length, space in utero might be starting to feel cramped up. They have been kicking and elbowing a lot! They have started losing the white fat on their skin. The lanugo is starting to disappear as well. The baby just needs to grow plumper now! With the size of a butternut squash, your baby is ~38.1 cm from head to toe and weighs ~1.1 kg.


Here is a well-rounded list of what your baby is up to this week:

  • Your baby continues to hiccup.
  • They are bulking up now. Your baby is fattening up and gaining all their baby weight.
  • The brain is growing. From now till birth, your baby’s brain will triple in weight and will develop deep grooves to allow for more neurons
  • The vernix, which is the white, wavy substance on the baby’s skin, has started to shed.
  • Lanugo, the baby hair on its skin, has started to disappear.
  • Your baby has been kicking more often, this is because it is becoming active and restless. A lot of pokes from its elbows and knees will be keeping you up at night! Be prepared for it!


Track your growth at Week 29

Welcome to the 7th month of your pregnancy. Only 2 more months to go! Your tummy is probably so big that you can’t see your feet while standing. This is a relief if you’ve developed varicose veins. Can you feel your baby kick more prominently? Some moms can also feel their baby’s hiccups. You may notice your baby has a pattern of sleeping and being active. Those kicks and movements get active after meals or when you are lying down. Practice relaxation techniques, make affirmations for your labour and birth, ask your partner to massage your shoulders, back or legs. Warm Epsom salt soaks (for feet or if you have a bathtub whole body) can help take away the tiredness of long days and help you sleep better at nights. Find your baby a doctor and ask them whatever queries you may have. It is time to apply for your maternity leave. Buy yourself some breast pads and your baby, a car seat. It is time to go baby shopping!


Here is the list of changes in your body this week:

  • About 20% of the women develop varicose veins. These itchy, protruding veins are a result of your growing uterus exerting pressure on your calves. If they do, you can wear compression socks and consider taking a biotin supplement.
  • Breathlessness is a common occurrence. Move more slowly and mindfully. Take breaks.
  • You may get constipated. Increase your water intake to 10-12 cups a day. Include exercise in your daily regime and go for a more fibrous diet.
  • If you feel gassy and bloated, do not worry it is the progesterone your body is secreting.
  • Leg cramps are a recurring complaint. Epsom salt soaks, Mg oil massage and having a Mg supplement can help.
  • You may feel tired. This is simply because your body has been working nonstop, not for one but the two of you. You go, momma!

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