Your Pregnancy Week by Week: Week 28

Baby Week 28 development

Baby Development

The Week 28 edition

Your baby is possibly dreaming right now. How adorable is that? It is seen that babies in utero stick their tongues out right about now. Maybe your baby is pulling up a funny face at you! With the size of a zucchini, your baby is 37.4 cm from head to toe and weighs around 1 kg.


Here is a comprehensive list of what your baby is up to this week:

  • Your baby can open and close their eyes.
  • They are sensitive to light so much that they can react to changes from light to dark.
  • Your baby experiences REM sleep, thus is able to dream.
  • The sense of taste, touch and hearing is functional. The nervous system is yet to be fully developed but the parts of the brain associated with intelligence and personality are growing more complex. It’s a great time to bond with your baby. Listen to songs or read a book to your baby.


Track your growth at Week 28:

You made it to the third trimester! This is the “growth” period of your pregnancy. Keeping that in mind, nourish yourself well. You and your baby still have a bit of growing to do! your nails may grow harder or even brittle. If you develop sensitive skin, calamine does the work. Know that these changes you are undergoing are necessary for your baby and you. Consume more iron and calcium in your diet but not together, your growing baby needs it. Schedule a hospital tour and read up more about breastfeeding. You have quite a lot to consider over this week, do sit with your partner and have a chat!

Track your growth at week 28:

  • You may experience sciatica nerve pains which are the shooting, tingling pains down your buttocks to the thigh. Use a hot bag to relieve yourself. Do some back and lower body stretches. Your Veira Life fitness expert will help with that.
  • Your center of gravity is off and many pregnant moms tend to waddle. Move more slowly and mindfully. Get ample rest.
  • Check your posture.
  • Leg cramps are rampant. They can happen anytime of the day. But they also do not happen if you are eating Magnesium-rich foods and using Magnesium oil for massage.
  • Hemorrhoids are a thing. These are essentially varicose veins in the rectum and anus. Avoid constipation and lifting heavy objects, if that is the case. Use grated and cold potato packs on your bottom to heal them.
  • Back pain is recurring.
  • Your nails may grow harder or softer.
  • Breathlessness may occur., remember to move slowly and take breaks.
  • If your gums are bleeding, know that it is one of the known symptoms for this period.

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