Your Pregnancy Week by Week: Week 27

Baby Week 27 development

Baby Development

The Week 27 edition:

Does your womb feel different sometimes? Yes, you heard it right, it is your baby hiccupping! They can hear you too! The baby now can identify yours and your partner’s voices. they may smile every time you sing a lullaby! Your baby has crossed a milestone! They are more than a foot long and weigh ~907 grams. The eyelids that were shut until now are open and the baby can blink. They are somewhat the size of a lettuce. At this stage, the baby pretty much looks like what they would look like at birth, only smaller.


Here is a comprehensive list of what your baby is up to this week:

  • Your baby can hiccup.
  • Though the voices may be muffled, the baby can hear you now! They can also recognize you and your partner’s voices.
  • Your baby is responsive to light. Not only can they blink, if you light a torch on the belly, they wiggle or move!
  • They have a strong grip.
  • Your baby can smile, mostly during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep.
  • The baby is actively gaining muscle strength and weight.
  • The lungs, liver and immune system are still developing.


Track your growth at Week 27:

What greater feeling than knowing your voice calms your child? It is surreal. You are now in the last week of your second trimester! With your uterus bloated to the size of a basketball, you may feel anxious for weeks to come. Meditate. Gain control over your mind and body for you have only 13 weeks to go! Prepare yourself for childbirth, read up on it or attend a class. You have enough time for it. Let your healthcare provider know if you would like you to collect your baby’s cord blood. Your prenatal visits will be more frequent from now on. If you like to exercise, go for a swim, it serves as good cardio. Keep your body happy, 2/3rds of your pregnancy is already over!

Here is the list of changes in your body this week:

  • You may see mild swelling in your feet and fingertips. This swelling, Edema- is a result of excessive fluid in your body tissues. It is normal for it to be transient, if it stays for hours or days, then reach out to your care provider.
  • You may continue to have vivid dreams.
  • Your belly may feel scratchy.
  • Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is observed in some women during this time. It is marked by restless, jittery sensations in one’s legs. If this is the case, consult your care provider.
  • Your stomach muscles have started to separate and expand,
  • If your nose is stuffy and runny, do not use nasal sprays. Ask your care provider for recommendations for the same.
  • Constipation may occur. If so, keep yourself hydrated and include more high-fiber foods in your diet.
  • Vaginal discharge may increase and this is normal.
  • Your body and facial hair is growing faster than normal. This is most likely to do with the body’s hormones called androgens.
  • Your skin tone feels a little darker than usual. This is temporary and should be fine after birth.
  • This is the last week you can get any dental work done. No dental work in the third trimester!

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