Your Pregnancy Week by Week: Week 25

Baby Week 25 development

Baby Development

The Week 25 edition:

Is that hair and does it have a distinct colour? Yes, indeed. Your baby’s hair is growing with a texture of its own. The respiratory system is developing by the week and the nostrils are opening up too! With the size of a cauliflower, your baby is 34.29 cm from head to toe and weighs 680 grams.


Here is an extensive list of everything your baby has been up to this week:

  • If your baby has hair at this stage with colour and texture The lungs are growing. Though they have started producing the surfactant, they are still work in progress.
  • Besides the lungs, the baby’s nostrils are opening up
  • Though they may be lean, the baby is getting chubbier. The skin is less wrinkled now.
  • Your baby can make a fist, touch its feet and grab their umbilical cord.
  • The reflexes are being developed. So don’t leave the little one startled, not just yet!


Track your growth at Week 25:

You’re a soccer mommy already! With the uterus like the size of a soccer ball, you may be feeling more tired than in general. Your hair grows more luscious and your wrists may hurt. You may develop carpal tunnel syndrome because of the hormone relaxin, which makes your bones softer in preparation for birth. Did your partner bring up snoring in bed yet? If yes, do let them know that it is the congestion in your nose. Start moisturising your body religiously, if you’re having dry skin. If you are having sugar cravings, it means your body is craving for fats. Read or ask about preventing postpartum depression. Start considering baby names, it is quite a process and will keep you occupied! You are doing great!


Here is a list of symptoms you may see this week:

  • Your belly is growing and in bed support it with pillows to feel comfortable.
  • Itchiness is a recurrence. 20% of the women have an oily scratchy belly as a result of it growing.
  • Your hair is growing fast. This is because your daily loss of hair is subsequently reduced by the pregnancy hormones.
  • The blood in your body is expanding significantly at this stage.
  • The tingling sensation in your hands is a result of decreased blood pressure in your carpals. This may result in swelling
  • You may feel the same in your legs. It is the restless leg syndrome.
  • Indigestion is a common symptom especially with large meals.
  • If you find yourself snoring, kudos to you!

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