Your Pregnancy Week by Week: Week 22

Baby Week 22 development

Baby Development

The Week 22 edition:

Your baby, as big as a coconut, weighs ~425 grams and measures ~27.94 cm from head to toe. They can hear your tummy rumbling and your heart beating! Though their eyes lie shut, they can distinguish between the dark and light. Your baby, with little strands of hair on its head, grasps hard onto the umbilical cord!


Here is a wholesome list of everything your baby has been up to this week:

  • Your baby, with its auditory sensations improving, can hear your heartbeats and tummy rumbles.
  • With closed eyes, the baby can now differentiate between the light and dark.
  • Their eyes are moving behind the shut eyelids.
  • A sharpened nervous system enables it to tightly wrap their fingers around the cord.
  • The baby’s tear ducts are forming.
  • With hair sprouting on its head, your baby will soon have hair! Though some babies are born bald!


Track your growth at Week 22:

You’ll be entering the sixth month of your pregnancy soon! your ever-growing tummy, will soon start to obscure your! Acne and stretch marks are both changes your body undergoes during this process. Avoid going for physically strenuous activities or late-night partying even. However, indulging in pregnancy activities may keep you occupied. Read and watch positive birth stories. If you get hot flashes, keep plenty of ice water by your side, pregnancy increases your metabolism! Dress comfortably and give your body the rest it deserves!


Here is a list of symptoms you may see this week:

  • If you feel pain down your lower back, consult a chiropractor. Wear low and even heeled shoes and stretch to release the pain.
  • Some women may get hot flashes, where they sweat profusely, some may feel as cool as cucumber!
  • Do not worry about the acne on your face and the stretchmarks on your body! They are your tiger mom marks!
  • Hydrate! You should really be drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water daily by now.
  • Women complain of leg cramps. Please keep having your pregnancy vitamins for some respite from the same!

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