Your Pregnancy Week by Week: Week 10

Baby Week 10 development

Baby Development

The week 10 edition:
Turns out the embryo is becoming a foetus and this period bears witness to that! Congratulations, this week your baby has all its organs formed. Though they are not fully developed, the heart, stomach, kidney, knees, limbs, mouth – all of it exist! The bones and cartilages are forming this week and the teeth buds are seen developing and tightening to the jaw. With a height of 3.1cm, and 4 grams in weight, your baby is much like the size of a prune.


Here is a list of what your baby has been up to this week:

  • The teeth are not fully out there but they have started to harden.
  • Much like the teeth, bones and cartilage are also being formed.
  • The mouth has been distinguished with a tongue, lips, teeth in the gum.
  • Legs, knees, ankles and toes can also be seen.
  • The elbows are already working!
  • Your baby’s brain will start sending out impulses soon!


Track your changes at week 10:
That extra weight in your midsection, is not a cause of worry! It is beautiful. Your veins are visible on your skin. The symptoms you have been seeing continue to persist, these include things like occasional headaches (because of dehydration or disturbed sleep), bloating, fatigue, nausea and vomiting. Write down a list of questions you may have for your care provider. Start listening to your body more often, give it food when it asks for it. Make breakfast the heaviest meal of your day. Have you and your partner started tracking your belly growth? What are you waiting for?


Here is a list of symptoms you may see this week:

  • Avoid triggering smells because your sense of smell is heightened.
  • Eat often to avoid feeling gassy and constipated.
  • Nausea is something you might feel all through this trimester or maybe not at all!
  • Do rest up if your head hurts.

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