Pregnancy Pillow Guide for Moms in Singapore

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Given the blistering pace of life, especially in cities like Singapore, finding comfort during these transformative months becomes not just desirable, but essential. From backaches and hip pressure to sleeplessness, these experiences are common amongst expecting mothers. In this context, a carefully chosen pregnancy pillow becomes more than a sleeping aid; it transforms into a source of physical relief and support, catering to the body’s needs and easing common discomforts.

This guide not only explores the types of pregnancy pillows but also delves into the considerations for choosing the right one, expert opinions, and tips for care and maintenance. While there are many pregnancy support pillow options available in Singapore, understanding the differences between the various options such as the U-shaped and C-shaped pillows etc., and finding the perfect pillow for you will very much depend upon a set of factors that are unique to you. In this comprehensive guide you will find all the info you need to help you make your choice.

Types of Pregnancy Pillows:

U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillows-

  • Design & Features: These pillows envelop your entire body, offering support on both sides. The U-shape allows the pillow to cradle your back and front simultaneously.
  • Benefits: Excellent for total body support, especially beneficial for back sleepers who need to transition to side sleeping. Eases back pain, supports the belly, and prevents rolling over.
  • Best For: Expecting mothers who desire all-around support and comfort, particularly useful in the later stages of pregnancy.
  • Tips: Look for a pillow with adjustable filling to customize firmness according to your comfort.

C-Shaped Pregnancy Pillows-

  • Design & Features: Shaped like a “C,” these pillows contour to your body’s natural curves, providing dual support for your back and belly.
  • Benefits: Ideal for hip alignment, reducing pressure on the belly, and providing back support. They also take up less space compared to U-shaped pillows.
  • Suitable For: Side sleepers, those with hip discomfort, and mothers looking for a versatile pillow that can be used for sitting and nursing post-pregnancy.
  • Tips: Choose a pillow with a removable cover for easy washing, and consider the filling material for optimal comfort.

Other Types of Pregnancy Pillows:

  • Wedge Pillows: Small and portable, these pillows provide targeted support for your bump, back, or knees. Ideal for travel or additional support alongside another pillow.
  • Inflatable Pillows: These offer customizable support and are easily adjustable. They are ideal for mothers who need varying levels of support or for those who travel frequently.
  • Full-Length Pillows: These long, straight pillows offer versatile usage. They are great for cuddling and can be molded into different shapes for varied support.

Choosing the Right Pregnancy Pillow: In-Depth Considerations

When it comes to selecting the perfect pregnancy pillow, several factors come into play. Here’s a more detailed look into these considerations:
Health Benefits-

  • Spinal Alignment: Choose a pillow that supports the natural curve of your spine. Misalignment during sleep can lead to chronic back pain and discomfort. The right pillow should help maintain a neutral position, relieving stress on your spine.
  • Reducing Belly Pressure: As your belly grows, the pressure it exerts can cause discomfort. Look for pillows that gently support your belly without adding extra strain, thus reducing the risk of pain and discomfort in the abdomen.
  • Blood Circulation: Enhanced blood flow is crucial during pregnancy. Some pillows are designed to promote better circulation, reducing the risk of swelling in the legs and feet. Opt for pillows that enable comfortable side-sleeping, which is often recommended for optimal circulation during pregnancy.


  • Material Safety: Ensure the materials used are non-toxic and safe for pregnant women. Avoid pillows with harmful chemicals or odors.
  • Breathability: Overheating can be a concern during pregnancy. Materials like breathable cotton or bamboo covers can regulate temperature and provide a cooler sleeping experience.
  • Hypoallergenic Properties: Allergies can flare up during pregnancy, so opting for hypoallergenic materials can help reduce allergic reactions and ensure a more comfortable sleep.

Value for Money-

  • Durability: Consider the pillow’s ability to retain shape and support over time. A durable pillow will not only serve you throughout your pregnancy but can also be useful postpartum.
  • Versatility: Look for pillows that can be used in multiple ways. Some pregnancy pillows can be repurposed for breastfeeding, as baby loungers, or even as support cushions post-recovery.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Look for pregnancy pillows that are easy to clean and maintain. Removable and washable covers are a must. Also, consider how easy it is to replace the filling if it gets worn out or if you desire a different firmness.

By keeping these detailed considerations in mind, you can choose a pregnancy pillow that not only provides immediate comfort but also offers lasting value and benefits throughout your pregnancy journey and beyond.

Care and Maintenance of Pregnancy Pillows:

Regular Cleaning:

  • Wash the pillow cover regularly, ideally once a week or bi-weekly. This helps maintain hygiene and prevent the build-up of dust and allergens.
  • If the pillow is washable, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Some pillows can be machine washed, while others may require hand washing.

Spot Cleaning:

  • For minor spills or stains, effective spot cleaning can be employed. Use a mild detergent and warm water, and gently scrub the affected area. Rinse thoroughly and allow it to air dry.

Drying and Fluffing:

  • Ensure the pillow is completely dry before using it again. Moisture trapped inside can lead to mold and mildew.
  • Fluff your pillow regularly to maintain its shape and comfort. This is especially important for fiber-filled pillows.

Protecting the Pillow:

  • Consider using a waterproof liner or an additional pillowcase to protect against spills and sweat. This also makes regular cleaning easier.
  • Keep the pillow away from direct sunlight to prevent the fabric from fading or deteriorating.


  • When not in use, store the pillow in a cool, dry place. Avoid damp areas as they can encourage mold growth.
  • For compressible pillows, consider vacuum sealing them for storage, but ensure it is completely dry and clean before doing so.

Refreshing the Pillow:

  • To remove odors, you can sprinkle baking soda on the pillow, let it sit for a few hours, and then vacuum it off.
  • Alternatively, airing the pillow out on a breezy day can also help freshen it up.

Checking for Wear and Tear:

  • Periodically inspect the pillow for any signs of wear, tear, or lumpiness. Over time, the filling may compress or shift, impacting its effectiveness.
  • If the pillow is no longer providing the necessary support, it might be time to replace it.

By following these care and maintenance tips, you can ensure your pregnancy pillow remains clean, comfortable, and supportive throughout your pregnancy journey.

Expert Opinions on Pregnancy Pillows:

When it comes to making an informed decision about pregnancy pillows, expert opinions can be invaluable. Healthcare professionals who specialize in maternal care often have insights into the benefits and considerations of using these pillows during pregnancy.

  • Physical Health Benefits: Healthcare professionals highlight that pregnancy pillows can aid in maintaining proper spinal alignment, reducing the strain on the back and hips. This is especially important as the body changes and the center of gravity shifts during pregnancy.
  • Reduced Risk of Sleep Disruptions: A well-chosen pregnancy pillow can minimize sleep disruptions and disturbances by providing targeted support and comfort.
  • Emotional Well-being: Some healthcare professionals also discuss the emotional benefits of pregnancy pillows. They suggest that the comfort and support provided by these pillows can contribute to overall emotional well-being, which is essential during this transformative period.
  • Customization for Individual Needs: Choose a pregnancy pillow that caters to individual needs and preferences and after considering factors like body size, sleeping habits, etc.
  • Importance of Quality Materials: Experts recommend choosing pillows made from hypoallergenic and breathable materials to ensure both comfort and hygiene.

By considering these expert insights, expecting mothers can make a more informed decision about which pregnancy pillow might best suit their needs, contributing positively to their pregnancy experience.

Navigating the journey of pregnancy in fast-moving cities like Singapore can be challenging. Ensure you get enough rest and sleep. A good support pillow can make all the difference in this.

Best Pregnancy Pillow Brands In Singapore

Boppy Organic Cotton Pregnancy Support Wedge The Boppy support wedge promises firm, all-natural support for moms before and after childbirth and comes with a 100% organic cotton cover. Compact and versatile for standalone use or paired with your Boppy pregnancy pillow.

Pregnancy Pillow
Source from Boppy

Leachco Body Bumper – The Body Bumper offers versatile contoured body pillow support with dual belly and back options. It includes a large curved body pillow and an adjustable semi-wedge, with a removable, machine-washable cover for customization and easy care.

Pregnancy Pillow
Source from leachco

Medela Maternity and Nursing Pillow – The Medela Maternity and Nursing Pillow is a versatile companion from pregnancy to postpartum, designed for comfort and functionality. Ideal for hugging your body during pregnancy, cradling a baby during nursing, or ensuring mom’s comfort while pumping – it prioritizes both mom and baby’s needs.

Pregnancy Pillow
Source from Medela
Clevamama Therapeutic Body & Bump Maternity Pillow – Featuring a breathable 100% cotton cover and premium spiral hollow fiber filling for optimal support, this pillow supports your body’s natural curve, easing fatigue, enhancing blood circulation, promoting relaxation, and relieving reflux and SPD discomfort. It’s versatile and can also provide comfort during seated nursing when your baby arrives.
Pregnancy Pillow
Source from Clevamama
UNILOVE Hopo 7-in-1 Maternity Pillow – Another versatile pillow that can be used from early pregnancy to after the baby arrives. It provides comfort and support to mama and can even be used as a baby-lounger. It is made of soft and cooling material and comes with a machine washable cover.
Pregnancy Pillow
Source from Unilove
Lucky Baby SupreComfort Good Posture Wedger Pillow – The Good Posture Wedger Pillow supports the tummy, reduces back strain, and enhances comfort for better breathing and sleep. It offers two height options and can be detached for use as an elevation pillow.
Pregnancy Pillow
Source from Lucky Baby
Dreamgenii Pregnancy Support and Feeding Pillow – With a removable and washable 100% jersey cotton fabric cover, this is a good pillow to have from the 2nd trimester onwards. It has a unique and patented shape that is designed to mould around the bump, whilst also supporting back and knees.
Pregnancy Pillow
Source from Dreamgenii
Momcozy Huggable – Our Maternity Body Pillow – The Momcozy full body pillow is ergonomically designed to provide support to the head, back, belly, sides, knees, hips, and feet. It improves blood circulation, relieves back soreness, hip pain, and leg swelling, allowing for quality sleep and comfort during pregnancy.
Momzocy U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow
Source from Momcozy

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Yes, pregnancy pillows help by providing support, reducing discomfort, and improving sleep during pregnancy.

Yes, a maternity support pillow during pregnancy is safe and helps alleviate discomfort by providing support to the back and belly.

The best pregnancy pillow shape depends on individual needs. U-shaped offers all-around support, while C-shaped is great for hip alignment and back support.

Not everyone needs a pregnancy pillow, but many find them helpful for added comfort, support, and improved sleep during pregnancy.

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