A Guide To Safe Sex During Pregnancy

Safe Sex During Pregnancy

Sex is a healthy part of a relationship. But, as expecting parents, you might often wonder if it is safe to have sex while you are pregnant. And a majority of times, the answer is yes – as long as you are having a healthy pregnancy. However, there are times when pregnancy sex may not be a good idea. It is therefore important to know and be aware of the guidelines to practice safe and healthy sex throughout your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Sex

Sex desires during pregnancy are different. It is normal for expecting mothers to have sexual desires. However, the desires can come and go as the body changes. Pregnant women may feel self-conscious about their growing belly or feel sexier with larger and fuller breasts. It is equally important to note that desire fades during pregnancy. Many may not feel deeply connected to their sexuality, while some may be more aroused when they’re pregnant.

It is ok to not like being intimate or having intercourse. Pregnancy is also a time for expectant couples to explore other forms of intimacy to stay connected to each other.

Understanding the Importance of Safe Sex during Pregnancy

Not only is pregnancy sex safe, but it is also often encouraged. But sex during pregnancy has its own challenges. Sex, while you are expecting, can feel a little different than it was in the pre-pregnancy period. With the tiny baby bump blossoming into a full-fledged belly, not every position may feel comfortable or satisfying, for you as well as your partner.

Even though pregnancy sex might feel like unfamiliar territory, there are plenty of safe positions that can feel good for couples. In fact, sex drive is likely to increase at certain stages of pregnancy, and intercourse while pregnant has its own benefits.

If you have a normal pregnancy and no complications, having sex will not increase your risk of going into labor early or causing a miscarriage. But as the belly starts to grow bigger, you will discover that certain intercourse positions during pregnancy are more comfortable. And talking openly about sex can help you and your partner to enjoy sex throughout the pregnancy.

Sex During Pregnancy: Trimester-by-Trimester Guide

Pregnancy sex, just like sex in general, is all about what feels right to you. However, in general, here are some tips for each trimester:

First trimester: As the bump is teeny-tiny to non-existent state, any positions that worked in the pre-pregnancy period can probably still feel good.

Second trimester: As the bump gets bigger, it might be the time to explore positions that work around your belly. You can also find side-lying, pregnant person-on-top, or partner-on-top positions comfortable, during this phase.

Third trimester: It is fine to stick to whichever position still feels okay. During this time, lying on the side with a pillow between the knees and having your partner enter from behind can be the most comfortable, as you will not have to support the weight of the belly or put pressure on the back.

When to Not Have Sex During Pregnancy

It is generally safe to have sex during pregnancy but if you have any specific concerns or issues, It is important to consult the doctor about them. They can advise you not to have sex if yours is a high-risk pregnancy with any of the following types: Risk of miscarriage or a history of past miscarriages. Risk for preterm labor. Vaginal bleeding, discharge, or cramping without a cause The amniotic sac is leaking fluid or has ruptured membranes The cervix has opened too early during the pregnancy The placenta is lying low in the uterus And it is always advisable to call your doctor if there are unusual symptoms during or after sex, including:
  • Bleeding
  • Pain
  • Foul smelling fluid or discharge
  • Significant discomfort in pelvic region
  • Contractions
  • Itching or burning sensation

Sex During Pregnancy: Best Positions

During the later stages of your pregnancy, it is important to choose safe positions that do not put pressure on the belly, for example, the missionary position. Pregnancy sex is safe for many couples, but it may not be easy. It is probably important to find different positions and this can be a time to explore and experiment. Sex with the partner on top can become uncomfortable, early in the pregnancy, not due to the bump, but because of the breasts being tender. It can also be uncomfortable if the partner penetrates too deeply.

It may be better to lie on the sides, either facing each other or with the partner behind. You can also try being on top during intercourse or on all fours. Use pillows to feel more comfortable. Keep in mind that it’s important to communicate and if it’s not comfortable, it’s ok to tell your partner to stop.

Ways to Rediscover Romance during Pregnancy

To keep romance and intimacy alive in a relationship, here are some additional suggestions for pregnancy. They are as follows:

  • During pregnancy, don’t take each other as well as sex for granted.
  • Revive the art of flirting, flattery, and courtship.
  • Arrange for a date night at least once a week.
  • Add a touch of mystery to the relationship by surprising your partner now and then.
  • Stay proactive to keep the intimacy alive.

Final Thoughts

In a majority of cases, sex during pregnancy poses no risk to the mother or the baby. Some positions might be more or less comfortable as the pregnancy progresses. An expecting woman is likely to experience changes in her desire for sex during and after pregnancy. By encouraging and having an honest conversation with your partner, you can continue to have a healthy sex life throughout the pregnancy journey.


It is generally safe to have sex during pregnancy unless there are complications like placenta being close or on the cervix, or there are signs of preterm labor. Consult your healthcare provider for personalized guidance.

Experiment with safe positions and understand that your sexual desire may change. Follow your body’s needs. Sex during the last weeks of pregnancy can help start labor. 

During pregnancy, it’s advisable to avoid lying on your back as it can put pressure on blood vessels. Instead, opt for side positions with knees slightly bent, ensuring your body stays aligned and avoiding any twisting motions.

It is safe to sleep with your husband during pregnancy. The baby is well protected, and sexual activity does not harm the baby or increase the risk of miscarriage or early labor in a healthy pregnancy.

Yes, in most cases, it is safe to have sex during pregnancy. The fetus is protected by the amniotic sac and strong uterine muscles. However, consult your healthcare provider for any specific concerns or complications.

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